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Churrasco Brazil BBQ

Churrasco (Portuguese: [ʃuˈʁasku], Spanish: [tʃuˈrasko]) is a Portuguese and Spanish term referring to beef or grilled meat more generally, differing across Latin America and Europe, but a prominent feature in the cuisine of Uruguay, Brazil,Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. The related term churrascaria (or churrasqueria) is mostly understood to...

The View Restaurant

This spaciously appointed dining venue has been designed with generous windows that open wide for guests to appreciate the panoramic scenery and feel the soft caress of sea breeze. The View Restaurant showcases the culinary expertise of a skilled F&B team with a menu that transcends cultural boundaries. International cuisine, Korean favorites and Indonesian specialties ensure that all taste...

Candle light Romantic Dinner

Catering exclusively to the needs of honeymooners and couples celebrating the spirit of love, a choice of in-villa dining experiences are available to ensure an evening of fine food and intimacy. Each dinner alternative is set up under a night sky of twinkling stars with Fresh flowers will create the mood for a precious interlude to cherish always.